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Picture a beautiful, upstate New York Saturday afternoon.  A pool, a deck and an iPod with about 5 hours of Zumba music.  Right there, you have the mixings for a perfect Zumba Ladies afternoon. The margaritas and taco dip are just a bonus.

Yesterday, Judi hosted our monthly Zumba Ladies party.  While the attendance may have been a bit lighter because of people’s vacation plans, it had no impact on the lightheartedness and fun.  I realized, as I do every time I get together with these ladies, that I learn something new about someone, I learn something that I need to ask Chip what it means, and I most importantly, I learn something about myself.

I learned how hard it is too get an education later in life: We had a special toast for Gina and Judi who both graduated this summer.  These two women have raised their families, worked a full time job and yet continued their education. I admire them for their hard work.  We have had quite a few ‘graduates’ in this group and it amazes me how they do it.  The champagne toast was great thanks to Sue’s kind words.  Sue, by the way, is healing beautifully from her knee surgery.

I learned some personal: Some where in the middle of the afternoon, I don’t know how, we  were talking about shaving your legs and the next thing I know, we are all feeling each other’s legs….now before your minds wander, it wasn’t like that…it was just one more topic in our arsenal of things we discuss… girl things.  Could you see a bunch of guys watching the Bills game touching each other’s faces to see who had the smooth shave and which razor they used?  Shaving cream vs. soap? In shower or out of shower shaving? I think not.

I learned something new about what my friends can do:  Judi gutted her house; she painted, tiled and decorated;  and even performed some light electrical work. Meg made the drapes.  Wow, I was impressed, it looked spectacular.

I cannot mention here what I learned that I had to ask Chip to define.  After my cheeks stop blushing and Heather gives me that look, I know more is to come.  Pour me a Blue Moon–QUICK.

After a few Zumba songs on the deck, in the grass and Jewel’s rendition of Thrift Shop, It was time for me to leave.  As I drove home, I recounted the afternoon and my promises to see the BUK at Vapor; to do one song in the front row with Gina; and to take Jennifer to Jumpin’ Jacks for a Jack Burger for her birthday.

What I learned about myself while drinking that Blue Moon was that all this rolled in one short afternoon makes me one damn lucky Zumba lady. I went out today a bought some new sneakers…look out, that front row is calling my name!

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