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You know, I have absolutely no rhythm, no ability to dance to the beat or even hear a beat. My husband had to “keep time” on the small of my back during our wedding dance to David Sanborn’s “The Dream” so I would not step on his toes.  All that said; I love Zumba.  I feel like the Italian version of J-Lo and Charo! So, I take a Zumba class 6 days a week and on the seventh day, I rest (ha-ha).
I have not posted to this blog in a very long time.  I have not felt inspired to do so.  I recently lost my job in NYC and I think I have just been off.  During a recent Zumba class I saw a friend of mine from High School. She looked wonderful and was still the same outgoing and smiling person she was 30 years ago.  We began discussing our upcoming (or looming) 30-year high school reunion and how at this point, Zumba was probably not going to get us into our old high school sized jeans.  Well my dear friend Laura let me tell you:  that may be true BUT we are better than we were back then, smarter than we were back then and after childbirth, breast cancer, a hysterectomy and many other assorted accidents and injuries, I am still here, shaking this old body to that addicting Zumba music with you!
I guess it does not matter what you do to clear your head, or to feel better about yourself so long as you do it.  I will be at Zumba class on Thanksgiving morning at 8am ready to shake whatever I need to shake in order to eat that little sliver of flourless chocolate cake!

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  1. Larry Eiss

    Yay!! POTF is back! Great story. I’ve missed you.


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