You’re Messing Up My Chi

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I have to admit I love to drive fast. I yell at my husband for doing it but I love it.  This stems back to the mid 1980’s when we had a Toyota Celica named Chuck.  It was a 5 speed, I think, and I ran every red light and stop sign on every hill in town.  I loved to go fast and once took a turn so quickly in Coxsackie that I ran over some little old lady’s Rhododendron bushes. I still feel bad about that.

When I am really stressed or angry, I take out my husband’s car and drive up the Northway (Rt 87) get off at the first winding road I see and crank that radio and DRIVE.  There is a
particular stretch of road on the way to Lakeside Farm in Ballston Lake.  I love that ride.  We had an Audi S4 that was spec-tac-u-lar on that road.  One time I was behind an old man in a Buick who was messing up my chi….I could not pass him and could not take it any more so I pulled over and waited.  I gave him a head start of about 6 miles and then drove in peace singing at the top of my lungs and winding down that road…at about 65 mph.. I loved it.

Last week, a M3 convertible BMW was ahead of me. Sweet, I thought, but as I got closer, he was not moving quickly at all.  Coming upon him I see a mass of white hair, REALLY?  He had to be 80 years old just driving along in that sweet car.  Upon closer inspection, his wife was in the passenger seat.  By the looks of it, his chi was, and most likely has been, messed up for some time.

I am about due for a ride this week.  Not a good week, not a bad one either so I cannot complain. Fredrick (the A6) and I will have to think of a reason to go for some doughnuts at Lakeside Farm.

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