Would you like to share my cheese?

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I was in line at Perreca’s waiting for a slice of pizza.  A gentlemen behind me with a broken accent and looking very much like Chris Botti was struggling to make a selection of the cheeses offered.  I suggested that he pick the Locatelli.  It is a wonderful cheese with a bit of a bite.  So we are chatting and the line is slowly moving.  Finally, he turns to me and says, no lie, “would you like to share my cheese?’ That’s a new one.  Briefly, I was flattered and then a bit creeped out.  I politely declined and as I drove home, I thought about other random, odd thoughts and experiences I have recently had.  I thought I would list them here and see if you share some of them with me.

  • When I fold laundry, why are everyone else’s clothes inside out and not mine?
  • How many days or weeks can everyone walk by the one large piece of fuzz on the rug and  not pick it up?
  • Jack thought it would be humorous to spray Pledge on the hardwood floor in precarious spots at the top and bottom of the stairs.  I have fallen twice and I heard Amelia’s bones hit the floor last night.  Jack, however, has not slipped once.
  • Why is there literally a teaspoon of milk in the carton in the fridge?
  • Question for you dog lovers:  Poopy patrol- friend or foe?
  • I was having trouble with my work laptop and I actually got the ” turn it off and then turn it back on” line.  I didn’t think anyone used that any more.
  • Once you get that Taylor Swift song in your head, you cannot shake it off.  Ugh.
  • Cake batter still tastes good at 52 years old, especially when no one is home to judge.
  • Izzy is the best.  How is it that a dog can really look you in the eye, like few humans can, and totally tell you it’s going to be ok without saying a word?
  • I still hate BodyPump (sorry ladies) but I feel my muscles getting stronger.  Speaking of which, this morning, Terri and I were talking about that and she said how strong her biceps were getting.  I reached over from my bike to hers and damn, she is jacked.  She felt my weenie arms and as only she could, said, “wow”.  I love that woman.
  • NOTE:  would two men have done that?  felt each other’s muscles?  I think not.

So that’s some of the scary stuff that goes through my head on a daily basis.  It’s 7:40am and time for me to go to work.  My Venti coffee is waiting for me and I can only imagine what’s ahead for the day. (I hope something good.)



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