Women are from Venus

by | Sep 28, 2010 | Blog | 3 comments

I spent this past weekend with three spectacular women, each in their own right: my sister, a long time wonderful friend and her sister. Each year we spend these three days shopping at the outlets in PA; I guess, what would be the equivalent of a guy’s weekend in Vegas.  We have made this trek through 3 pregnancies and a miscarriage, I think about 12 surgeries between us and sadly, a divorce. 
Women talk, unlike men about everything from menopause to carpooling.  We sat on the deck of this bar drinking what is arguably the best Mojito I have ever had (yes, in PA not Puerto Rico), and the therapy began.  Women are not afraid to admit marriage is tough, our kids drive us crazy and sex during menopause is a hoot, if you have the right attitude. I will save that one for another entry.
We thought that maybe that is why women are healthier……mentally at least.  I cannot see my husband talking about boxers or briefs, “am I getting too fat in the middle?” and especially not ANY sexual issues other than frequency (ha-ha).
I learned a lot this weekend. I learned how to use a convertible bra and what a low-plunge bra looks like; how to make turkey chili in a crock pot and “just because they make it in your size, does not mean you need to wear it”! And I learned a bot more about me, and me is just fine.
Thank you to my sister and friends. I love you and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

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  1. Larry Eiss

    Indeed you are just fine. Glad to see more frequent posts! I eagerly await the next.

  2. I am Zia

    I look forward to the trip every year and the nonstop laughter that goes along with it.
    You’re a great sister and a great friend.

  3. Cheryl Wiggins

    I had a great time as always on our shopping trip. Even though we don’t get together during the year we still pick up where we left off …..laughing is great and having you and Amy and my sister sister is a blessing. Yes Amy and I have to put up with the older sisters who always know best, however we do find humor in both of you……Leaving you two at the bar for another mojito…..Amy and I were too tired for another…..Maybe next year..


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