Women all over the world may be sighing….

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…well at least some of us are.  Headlining the morning news:  the original leading man cast for Christian Grey, Charlie Hunnam, is out!  Can I get a big WAHOO??

I never saw him as the deep, dark sexy eyed guy who controlled, loved and lusted after the young Anastasia Steele.  Christian is literally tall, dark (in many respects) and handsome. My vote is for Matt Bomer. He is Mr. Sexy-Pants and as I told Judy tonight at the gym, he is enough to make me revert back to my teen years and put a poster of him on my wall.  That place was reserved for David Cassidy and no one has been on my wall since the 1970’s.  Tom Selleck was a close second as Magnum PI but the is in a 5×7 on my desk! (no lie) Matt Bomer gets my vote and as the Zumba Ladies exited the gym tonight, he seems to be in the lead for the role. We sounded like a bunch of teen age boys ogling over Farrah Fawcett’s bathing suit poster.

As I entered my 50’s this past week, I realized that 51 is more traumatic than 50.  Now you are in ‘your 50’s’; that damn AARP card keeps rearing its ugly head in my mailbox and in some cases I am now in the age drop down list of 51-60. It makes me feel like I have to do something of value, monumental or at least memorable.  Last year, I counted down the months until I turned 50 and tried to do something different each month. This year I am not so inspired.  I was contemplating Hot Yoga but it seems insignificant. I’ll keep thinking and get back to you.

So there is still hope for a dreamy Christian Grey; there is no hope for our government to come to an agreement and go back to work and there is little hope that downward dog, camel, crane or  cobra pose will significantly affect my path for this 51st year.

And to my ‘clams and paddle’ friends: thank you, thank you for a lovely birthday dinner.  You have rescued me many times from a bad hair day, a bad work day or just a bad, bad day.  We will go to see the Fifty Shades movie together…with Matt Bomer as our leading man driving that Audi R8! xoxoxo

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