Why is it better?

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My family and I spent last week in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York.  If you have never been there, I strongly suggest you Google it and learn more.  It is somewhat of a well kept secret although the NASCAR fans and wine enthusiasts are very familiar with the region.  My husband grew up water skiing on the Skaneateles Lake and for the past 25 years, I have grown to love it more and more. Now we share it with our children.

We rent a beautiful cottage right on the water with a private beach and dock.  The family that owns it are gracious enough to share this treasure with others and I for one am eternally grateful. The home is warm and comfortable. Even Izzy’s snoring is deeper at night when she sleeps there.

We have been spending vacations on the lake for about eight years now and have our rituals:  Riddler’s Candy Store, “The Bakery”, Doug’s Fish Fry, The Bluewater/Sweetwater and Roland’s (best sweatshirts in the region).  We venture into Syracuse/Solvay for Twin Trees pizza…a must visit stop.  They cut the pizza in strips, not triangles! I even made a trip to Wegman’s…oh I LOVE (Danny) Wegman’s!!!

Have you noticed the underlying mention of food related venues?  I gained three pounds last week and Judy’s Zumba class this morning, although 562 calories burned, will not make up for the goodies I consumed.  I ate pizza,  blueberry sundaes, raspberry muffins, sushi, pasta , and cheese ‘n crackers. I drank coffee, wine, Port and one stray Margarita.

Why does it taste better outside? Why is a burger better on the grill with just some mustard and banana peppers?  Why is the s’more unbelievable and so much so that you have to eat at least three? On the boat I ate treats that I would never eat at home….must be the lake air.

Why do you sleep better?  I would fall asleep on the sofa before 11pm and wake before 6am to watch the sunrise.  Chip and I would walk the Izzy and prepare the French Press to take steaming coffee to the dock and watch quietly as the sun rose.  The breeze was cool and the sound of the waves comforting.

Why can you take a nap in the sun at 1pm and feel no remorse or guilt?  Why does the sun’s warmth feel so good and your skin bronzes so much better at the lake?

I drank delicious wine from a local vineyard, Anyela’s Vineyards. They have spectacular wines and the views of the Lake are beautiful.   I have their wine at home but it that tasted better on that dock, near the fire or looking out the window.

Reading is better too. I  read some good trashy novels and magazines, lathered my skin in Hawaiian Tropic and laughed at the kids tubing down the lake. Amelia lost her bathing suit bottom on huge wipe-out and we damn near died laughing.

Why is it better? It is better because the stresses of life and job and basic crapola are gone for a snapshot in time.  My memories continue to build each year we visit the lake.  Chip and I watched the kids walking in the village to get ice cream.  The looked so grown up and my heart skipped a beat when I think that soon they will be out on their own.  Then, I find solice that one day, the next generation will come and we will build new memories with and for them.    They will sleep better, eat better and feel better after time spent on Skaneateles Lake.  I know I do.

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