Who knew a baked brie could be that dangerous?

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Some of my friends and followers commented on a picture I posted on Facebook last night.  It was a Pyrex bowl filled to the brim with lobsters, clams and shrimp.  Chip and I were preparing to make Seafood Risotto. Asparagus and Oyster mushrooms were simmering in truffle butter. YUM.

Little did I know what was about  to happen.

Everyone knows you need something when you cook a marathon meal like Risotto, right? That’s a lot of stirring.  One needs to keep their strength up.  How about a baked brie with your wine? Superb!

So the brie is splendidly oozing and the fruit is bubbling.  I put on the ovenmitt to get it out and as I picked it up, I felt a snap, literally a snap.

“Ouch”, I said to Chip, “that really hurt.’ And it hurt …and it swelled… and it hurt…all through dinner and into the night…until I couldn’t take it and off to the “drive-thru doctor” we went.  Sitting there among all the strep and flu cases, I was relieved to be taken to x-ray.

The radiologist reviewed the x-rays and a ‘suspicious spot’ on my left thumb. I left in an immobilizer and instructions to see the hand specialist at the orthopedic group. Definite sprain and contusion with swelling. Ugh.

Now I am looped up on Advil and (diet)hot chocolate, one-finger-pecking this post realizing this really hurts and my dreams of 5:30am classes at the gym are slipping away.

Why?  Why and how does this happen? We are working on getting to the bottom of my brittle bones but that requires another day’s post.

Which leads me to the original post I planned: This week I have asked myself a number of times, why?  It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth one that I began to realize how many times I ask myself “why?”  So  I kept copious notes and will share them with you now. Please feel free to comment on the website and share your “why” thoughts.

  • Why do  I get hot flashes on the way HOME from the gym, and not on my way TO the gym when the temperature is -7?
  • Why does my heart rate monitor so easily pop open like a cheap front-snap bra, but when I am driving 45 mph and trying to unhook it, it hangs on for dear life?
  • Why do peanut M&M’s taste so good and plain carrots do not?
  • Why when I cream-cheesed my Weight Watchers imitation NYC bagel did it have to fall face down on the floor?
  • Why do I continue to hit my other thumb in the exact place it has split from being cold and chapped? It kills me…

Or I could look at this this way:

  • Why do I have a husband who loves me no matter what and no matter how many times I need him to take me to the ER?
  • Why does my son feel so good when I hug him tight and my head hits him mid-chest?
  • Why does Amelia tell me, “I got your back” and kicks in to help with things around the house and most importantly, my hair!
  • Why does Izzy sleep so close to me with her ears listening and protecting? (Truth be told, Izzy is usually looking for a treat. Pugs do that.)
  • Why am I so lucky to have the Zumba ladies to dance and celebrate with for absolutely no reason?

This list could go on forever. I, however, will not go on forever but I am damn sure going to recognize what I’ve got and try to laugh at all these reasons why!


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