Who is your person?

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How many times throughout the course of a day do you connect with someone for strength, happiness, a hug or just to share something?  That would be your person.

Grey’s Anatomy coined the phrase during a conversation in a bar between Christina Yang and Meredith Grey. The actresses clearly showed the relationship between them evolving into something stronger and deeper than friends….being someone’s person.

Certainly you will think this is cliché but my person is Chip.  He is such a significant part of my life and more importantly the fiber of who I really am.  My life changed when I met him. He makes me stronger, better, confident and when he is good, (ha) he makes me happy.

I started this blog early in the week and have begun a new job so I  never circled back to complete it.  None-the-less, it was on my mind.  I did a little experiment about this your person phenomenon. My life is all over the board and like many of us, I wear different hats and participate in many different roles. I found I have multiple “my person” people. How lucky is that?

People come and go throughout your life.  A friend of mine said once that we are all on the same road, we just get off at different exits.  I think that is quite profound.  With that theory comes the possibility that we have had many “my person” people in our lives whom without which we quite possibly would not have made it through life, starting with our mothers. fathers and siblings.

Move on to a teacher who influenced you and helped you through the pains of school life right up to college applications.

College roommates (Diane, Debbie, Sue and Laurie); your first serious boyfriend/girlfriend; bosses; Zumba Ladies and ultimately that one person who remains true throughout the years.

By the way, your person could have 4 legs and a tail.  They never tell secrets!

I hope I am someone’s person. If I have that honor, I want to be there for every happy moment and more so for the ones that need a strong arm around them and an even stronger cup of coffee.  Better yet, I hope I can be a person that would make my grandmother proud. Ah, maybe still a work in progress!

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