Where does inspiration come from?

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I have been thinking about this for some time.  How are we inspired?  Some people use the term when they shouldn’t and the real inspiring people don’t know they’ve done it. Funny.

Many of us used canned phrases without thought like, “my mother inspires me”; or “my child inspires me.” Actors in movies claim to be inspired to be a better man for their mate…how so? Songs have been written about it, movies based on it and authors center their stories to inspire.

Do we want to be inspired to be better or just enough to get us through times that are trying; feelings that are difficult or managing hurt and loss. I really do not know, nor do I have an answer.

I was walking down 6th Avenue in New York on Tuesday on my way to a meeting.  My coworker Donald and I were chatting and the breeze was blowing and the sounds and smells of New York were carrying me.  I thought of  happy times when I lived and worked in New York and experiences that I have that have made me, better, stronger.  Inspired? Perhaps. I did help two lost families and took a picture of a couple in front of my building.  Maybe they might be inspired to go back to their country and pay it forward when they see someone lost.  Hmmm.

Can I digress and share a story for a moment? Donald and I drove into Manhattan and parked on the West Side. It makes it much easier to get in and out of the city.  We are in one of those crazy garages where they park cars every which way they can fit them.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see a beautiful Maserati.  Sleek, black and most likely very fast.  I am sharing my excitement with Donald about the speed, handling and performance of this car (Top speed about 175 mph) when the owner appears.  He is very distinguished and handsome, shocker.  He playfully tells me to “ditch that guy and come for a ride with me!”  We banter back and forth and I think he is shocked that I have such a need for speed. Don’t tell Fredrick but the Maserati Guy was not impressed with my S4. When he started that car, I was inspired… to get on that West Side Highway and go!  I told him to be careful and tell his wife he was a bad boy! You gotta love New York.

So I drove halfway back with Donald and then the remaining 2 hours alone…with my thoughts…and the content for this blog post.  I came to the conclusion that many things can inspire people in very personal ways and one should never judge or argue with that inspiration.  Sometimes they can be overwhelming, like the opening of the new 9/11 museum in NYC.  That brings back memories, some painful and many quite inspiring. Sometimes the inspiration is silent, like the mountain ridge in Catskill, or the Falcons and Hawks I have seen along the river swooping down so quickly to get a mouse.

Laughter, tears, birth and death.  These all are events that form and change us minute by minute.  I am not sure why these thoughts of inspiration  have been in my head.  Maybe I am not ready to know yet.  Maybe the event is soon to show itself.  Maybe I can call you all to action to go to this blog post and comment on what inspires you and even more so, if you know you have inspired someone else for the better.  I think we can all use some good inspiration.





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