What’s your naked?

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The September edition of Women’s Health Magazine is focused on their first global Naked Issue and highlights a theme of being naked. The theme addresses both the physical and metaphorical descriptions of being naked. The question, what’s your naked? was asked and addressed by the editor in chief, Amy Keller-Laird as she opens up and discusses her personal views of being naked in the Letter from the Editor.  Read it, it is a wonderful read.

So, let me ask you, have you found your naked? This issue of  Women’s Health Magazine is full of articles and images of women that are open and honest about their naked bodies, ‘flaws’ and all. Many of my Facebook friends have ‘been naked’ when they discuss illness, loss of a family member, political views or the hurt of putting a pet to sleep. Many times, I read the posts, see and feel such emotion that I stop in awe of that person’s ability to be that transparent.

Vulnerability is not weakness, in fact, it is a strength. Showing your susceptibility can help people.  You don’t know what you don’t know. People let you see what they want you to see. Your experiences could help someone struggling and your sharing of a personal, naked experience is all it may take to get that person to open up, maybe ask for help and realize they are not alone.

Women are especially uncomfortable with being physically naked. Even when we are not the one that is naked, we are anxious about it. It’s odd that I think we judge our bodies more than men judge them.  Guys, the fact that you not only go to the bathroom in close proximity to each other and shower communally blows my mind.  Kudos to you.  Women?  We are sequestered behind doors, curtains and locked cubicles.

Men seem to be especially uncomfortable with being emotionally naked.  I cannot see men talking about personal hygiene or marital issues with a buddy at the same level that women do.  I am not sure what the male equivalent of asking a stranger in the bathroom for a tampon would be but I don’t think it would happen.

I have been fortunate through this blog to meet and get to know so many people. I am ok with being naked, but don’t worry, the only naked you are going to see from me is on this written page. Anything else causes dogs to howl and babies to cry.

I am not physically as brave as Sofia Vergara or emotionally as naked as Amy Keller-Laird but I am sure glad they are!

Author’s note: Please, please share your naked on the site.  Comment for all to see and you just may be surprised how you might help someone.  I will block the names to protect the innocent!

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  1. Carrie

    Okay so here’s my naked story. I was shopping with my 15 year old daughter at American eagle and I scored myself a sweet deal when I found a pair of pink skinny jeans in my size on the clearance rack that went so well with the grey floral top that we both had to get and be twinsies in. Wore this outfit to work the following casual Friday and went for my lunch time walk outside. A creepy guy approached me asking if he could “just share something with me” to which I stepped back and said nothing. He continued to tell me how I looked like I wasn’t wearing any pants at all. I looked him square in the eyes for about 3 seconds and then continued walking. He called after me saying he didn’t mean to insult me and that he found it “quite remarkable”. Mortified I went back to work and wrapped a sweater around my waist for the remainder of the day. I realized that I must’ve resembled something of porky pig. I can’t remember being that embarrassed since middle school. I guess those pants were on clearance for a reason. I will not wear them ever again or not until I can wear boots and a long sweater with them. I learned 2 things: 1. Women will never be free to walk the streets, or even a manicured lawn office park, fully clothed without the possibility of some creep harassing them. 2. Porky pig is not a fashion icon.

    • Karen

      Holy cow that is some story and I thank you for sharing it. Sadly, your words ring true for women. (I have seen some unbelievable outfits on men but I would never approach them)
      I envy the fact that you bought them and wore them and you SHOULD wear them again.


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