What’s the Password?

by | Jun 1, 2011 | Blog | 1 comment

I realized when creating a new password today that I think of these based on many factors.  Sometimes it is the season: ‘Santa2010’, ‘JingleBells’, or ‘Clarice’.
Sometimes it is the weather: ‘HotnSticky’,’ DamnSnow’, or ‘RainyDaysNMondays’.
Sometimes it is movie themed: ‘LoveHimLoretta2’, ‘TopGunAbs’ or my all time favorite: a combination of Tom Selleck and Magnum mixes.

Sometimes, and in most cases, it is my mood and in looking back, I laughed when I saw some of the passwords I used: ‘HotFlashesStink’, ‘NeedHelp’, ‘Unemployed101’.

I forgot my password on a site today and had to reset it.  Given the state of affairs, as you have read in my last few postings, I think you can only imagine the password I came up with.  I love when they tell you your choice is not “strong”…you need to add more symbols or letters.  I’ll give you a symbol!!

So think long and hard when creating that next password.  The experts tell you not to use the same one for more than one log on.  Since the side effects from the Tamoxifen may be dulling my memory, I may have to go against that advice and pick one and stick with it.  That would be tough choice.

PS Happy Birthday Shell. I have used a few memories from our 42 years of friendship as a password a time or two: ‘OuthouseAtNight’, ‘PotatoSoup’ and ‘1213Glenwood’.

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1 Comment

  1. Larry Eiss

    Actually it turns out that short phrases like these are very strong passwords. All the same, I feel your pain. 😛


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