What’s better than chocolate?

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Coffee.  OK, I thought so this morning but now I think nothing beats a good old fashioned hug. As I was in our local bagel shop to meet a friend, I was in line behind four older women who one by one came in to meet and greet each other.  It must have been a while since they last met because they were so exuberant in their welcoming.
I felt like a voyeur watching this when I could not help myself.  I leaned into the one woman’s ear and said   “looks like you have enough of those hugs to go around, you really should share them”.  I honestly don’t know what possessed me to do it. They seemed so nice and so like a grammee. She turned to me and grabbed me and hugged me so tight…just like a mom or grandmother. I damn near almost cried.
I told her I was Italian and I am always up for a good hug. She shared the same sentiment.  Her friends were funny and we laughed for a minute or two.  Just a blip in the 24 hours that today will hold for me but it meant a lot.
I met my friend who is a wonderful, smart woman who gives her time and soul to help other people become more focused and motivated.  We had a great time over that bagel, and of course, coffee! (I then ran off to Zumba)
I doubt those four ladies neither have access to a computer nor understand what a blog is.  But if they ever found me and read this, thank you for making my day and sharing that great hug.
How many more days until chocolate? You know what? Who’s counting!!

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  1. Larry Eiss

    Great update on the chocolate. Your attitude is just right! Props to those ladies who still know what it means to be friendly, cordial, and warm. Nothing beats a good solid hug.


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