What makes YOU smile?

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I will share with you some things I came across today that made me flat-out smile.

I spent the day in Manhattan seeing clients sprinkled with meetings with some old friends. The day was rainy and gloomy but the things I saw that made me smile overcame the rain.

The day started out with the drive down the NYS Thruway.  I was headed to Suffern to leave my car and complete the trip in with Darin.  I don’t mind the drive into the city.  I actually find it peaceful to a point and then that energy clicks in and I change. I just smile.

My favorite spot on the Thruway, as I have mentioned before, is around Saugerties, NY and the view of the Catskills from the Thruway.  This morning there were just two patches of sunshine on those peaks.  It was awesome.  It kind of makes you think about who and where we all come from. It makes you smile.

I met up with Darin and we were off to the city.  The Palisades was busy and the rain made it dicey.  It does not stop these ragged commuters from weaving, speeding and braking their way towards the George Washington Bridge (GWB).  I like the upper deck of the GWB. The lower deck freaks me out, and Darin too, so we waited in line and we inched along on the ramp.  Finally on the bridge you can look to your right and see the skyline of Manhattan.  I heard on the radio there were placing the spire on the top of the  WTC Freedom Tower today making it the tallest building in the USA.  The view from that bridge makes me smile.

We inch our way down the FDR Drive still with more ragged commuters weaving, speeding and braking into midtown.  Passing my old neighborhood on the upper east side made me smile.  It made me think of my roommate Patty and how I miss her. I cannot believe she is gone.  I saw a traffic sign that says, “Don’t block the box” and it reminded me of her getting a ticket for just that reason then going to court in a short skirt and T-straps and feeling great that she didn’t get the 3 points on her license.  THAT still makes me smile.

We parked in a somewhat sketchy lot and headed over to our first appointment. It was great to see an old friend and catch up on both business and life.  We trekked over to another old dear friend for a ‘drive-by hug’ and a quick catch up.   I am starting to tire but a handsome man on the corner of 55th and 6th snapped me right out of as we briefly chatted about the weather and the taxis spraying dirty NYC street water on you if you were not careful.  Tall handsome man in the rain, yup, made me smile!

Off to my office on 6th and then to Rockefeller Plaza for lunch at Delmonico’s Grill. I met a new client who was funny and friendly and I enjoyed the conversation and the food.  The Truffle Oil Macaroni and Cheese made me smile….yummy. We stopped by Baked by Melissa cupcakes to bring to my 3pm appointment.  I am giving you the link so you can see it and smile. Cupcakes make everyone smile, right?

We arrive at the Chrysler building, my favorite building in NYC in addition to the Flatiron Building.  I am about to take a picture of the sign in the lobby when I strike up a conversation with a couple from Paris.  They are delightful and I ask them if they are enjoying NYC and they smile… sweet!

Then I see my friend Cynthia coming from the elevator bank. She looks great and we walk towards each other and meet for a hug.  I have missed her.  She has been battling through the stages of reconstruction surgery after breast cancer.   Poor Darin is dragged along for coffee and girl talk and a plate of shared desserts.  He is a good soul for hanging out with us.  We walk back through Grand Central (Smile) through all the hustle and bustle (Smile) and kiss her good bye, for now (Smile).

I drove home uneventfully and as I walked up to my back door I hear Chip and kids laughing and joking and eating tacos. Guess what I did?  I smiled.

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