What do you do when you’re blue?

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I have been married 23 years this September. Chip is a great husband and father but every once in while, he wanders off the reservation; falls out of the stupid tree and hits every branch on the way down or just plain goes awry. I’d love to tell you that never happens to me but that would be a huge fabrication.

Funny how none of these episodes are ever over anything large like you see in the movies. No, it is over something so infinitesimal that later, it never deserves a second thought. Pressures from work and extended family sometimes tip that scale until it falls to one side…the crazy side.

But back to the question, What do you do when you are blue?  I am blue, a bit.

Yesterday morning, I thought I would go to Zumba and sweat it out, see my friends and leave feeling better.  For the first time, I could not stay. 

Back up a few weeks:  after a spin class one morning, one of the ladies commented about me and Kim, asking if she was my daughter.  OK, I have to admit, that made me feel old and for a fleeting moment I calculated the cost of plastic surgery on the major areas that would need correcting.  I found it’s cheaper to add an addition to my house!

Yesterday, a lovely woman from class that I think the world of asked that same question, “is this your daughter?”  Now little did she know I was on the ragged edge, and I lost it.  Tears welled up and off I went.  According to Sue, I almost killed her in the parking lot. (sorry Sue)
For the record, I would be honored and blessed to have you as a daughter Kim, but if you call me mom, I’m gonna punch you.

I  go home, shower and change my clothes.  I think I will go shopping, isn’t that what women/people do when they are blue? So I went to Marshall’s and bought a new bedding set; warm earth tones and soft colors.  I also scored a Polo t-shirt for $9.99…..feel better yet? Nope.

Now I go to Witt’s End to get a graduation gift for my niece. Maybe here I can find something that will cheer me up.  I bought the coolest flip flops that you can change the straps on to add color and bling. Cute huh?… Feel better yet? Nope.

It’s 12:30 and I get my hair done. I am growing it out and surprisingly that has not put me on a suicide watch yet.  I leave with smoother hair…feel better yet? Nope.

At 2:30 Amelia and I go to Target and walk around and then off to get a mani/pedi.  The color of my toes is somewhat like a raspberry, not like my usual french me but it works….Feel better yet?  Closer.

I have the best circle of friends who reached out with calls/texts and notes.  I am sorry for the trouble and I am very embarrassed.  I’d love to really blame it on something, but it’s only me. It meant a lot to me…Feel better yet? Almost.

A few glasses of Riesling….Feel better yet? Perhaps.

I think I hit all the major areas that give relief when you’re blue:  shopping, hair/nails, speaking with friends and a glass of wine. Yet here I sit on Sunday morning still not feeling it. That’s because the person that usually makes me feel better is the source of the leak. 

I am going to attempt Zumba again today. It is a beautiful day so I will work outside a bit as well. Izzy is aching to go for another walk. I can’t afford another shopping trip and my hair and nails are as good as it’s going to get.

I am not sure if I made a point today. This post is more for me than you all and I am sorry for that.  What I can tell you, I think, is that this too will pass and in the interim, do something that makes you feel better, see the people you are close to and deep down know that it is so true that others have real issues and real problems and send a little thought their way.

Now my pity party is done….Feel better yet?  Yes.

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