What can you fit in a 36C?

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In an effort to make light of the fact that I have been once again, relegated to the boot, I thought I would share with my friends and loved ones what it is like to carry something when you are on crutches and have no available hands in which to do so.

How do you carry them? Where do you put things?  How creative can you get? I hope you find the humor in this and share some stories back with me.  It is always an option to put lunch on a tray and drag across the floor with the crutch but it is no where near as entertaining!

Well God blessed me with a 36C.  Is that TMI?  Perhaps but for demonstration sake, I thought you’d need to know it so you could visualize these examples. Not in a sick or creepy way but, oh well, never mind.   Here is what I can fit when using crutches and the need arises to carry something.

  • Cell phone. iPhone 6,  not the bigger one.
  • Car keys
  • Lip gloss
  • a combination of any two of the above.
  • This morning I had breakfast with a marketing colleague.  She rebranded our company logo and had printed examples.  I thought it was best to have her carry them out to my car for me rather than reach in and tuck them away in the middle of the Circle Diner.
  • Various food items? Depends.  Wrapped or unwrapped? Plate or napkin? Bowl or cup with a lid?
  • iPad? Nope.  That requires an Italian Grandmother’s 44DD for that.
  • Starbucks Venti “Angry Mama”? Nope.  You need at least Gramma ‘s stature for that.
  • Small snacks like an apple, yogurt…piece of cake.  Actual cake and/or ice cream?  Nope.
  • I could go into dissertation on the possibilities available with a super charged Victoria’s Secret push up, push this way bra.  The possibilities are endless!

This healing process is not conducive with my activity plans for the summer.  I cannot stay off this foot, UGH. Well I am off to have dinner.  Looks like broccoli, orzo and chicken in a bowl, with a lid, ready for travel.  I’ll wait till it cools!




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