Week Two: I am pretty sure I am NOT exotic

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I just completed my second class at the dance studio.  The class is Exotic Dance and as previously stated, I am pretty sure now that I am not exotic. 

Here are a few things I learned tonight:

1.  Nike can be sexy, at least sexier than Under Armour.

2. Knee pads are critical when doing dancer moves on the floor.  You really don’t want more of an explanation than that, although the two ladies who had them were the envy of all!

3. Easy Spirit can make sexy shoes. A classic black patent leather with peep toe and tuxedo bow……well you get the picture.

4. Never, ever change your clothes in the bathroom of a studio that teaches exotic dance.  There is not enough paper towel for the floor or TP for the seat.

5. Now I know why women who wear heels walk so slow.  All the years I worked and lived in Manhattan I would whip past these long legged model-types and wonder why they are so slow.  Because they cannot walk in those shoes.  My feet are killing me!

6. Hand sanitizer is a must.  After the floor dance and various other moves, the instructor used hand sanitizer, really?  Isn’t it a bit late for that?

7. Talbots does not, never has, and never will make stripper clothes.  Thank God for small miracles.

Finally, it was fun, just as much fun as the week before.  I got to spend some quality time with my friends, laugh at myself and work on my balance.  I would hate to have to go to my orthopedic doc and explain a torn ACL as a result of dance, and not ballet, tap or jazz.

Someone recently asked me why I took this class.  I said why not?  Why not do something and try something different.  I can’t tell you it was on my bucket list but I can promise you it may have made the short list.  Try it, get your dancin’ shoes, or heels, on!

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