Week Four: I could be exotic if I wanted to.

by | Oct 4, 2012 | Blog, Exotic Dance | 2 comments

My exotic dance classes are over and I was feeling a bit blue about it tonight.  Who knew?  Four weeks ago, I entered that studio a bit anxious and really not feeling like the decision to do this was good. Now, on the last night and on the eve of my 50th birthday, I think, “What am I doing here?”  I will tell you and I will also tell you what I learned this week.

1.     I learned that it really doesn’t matter what you wear, Under Armour or Nike.  It truly is how you feel. The clothes, in this case, do not make the woman.

2.     I never heard the song, Nasty Boy until tonight and I am not sure I want to hear that again.

3.     I learned that I loved my instructor.  She was strong and confident and funny and wanted us to have fun and step out of the box a bit.  I did that for her (and me).

4.     I now know that coordination and dance moves will not be listed as a trait or skill of mine. In fact, it may be the opposite. My resume will not be updated with this skill set.

5.     I am exotic, in my own way, wearing high heel flip flops instead of stilettos and Nike yoga pants instead of booty pants and tonight I even added a glitter headband. Yowza.

I was happy to spend the time with my friends; happy to get to try something new and very happy to be home, settled into some cotton PJ’s, watching Grey’s Anatomy and having my Key Lime (Thursday Night) Martini.  I am ready for 50: Bring it.

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  1. James Martin

    Happy 5oth Karen,

    I’ve been told fifty is the new thirty. You have inspired me to go do something outside my comfort zone.

  2. Terri White

    Happy Birthday to you Karen, my new friend! And now that I see that you like martinis (my favorites are lemon drop and espresso!) I know that we have more in common than Zumba and Spin…lol!
    I love your attitude about turning 50! I hope you enjoy every minute of your birthday!!!


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