We May Never Pass This Way Again

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Life, so they say
Is but a game and they’d let it slip away
Love, like the autumn sun
Should be dyin’ but it’s only just begun
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We may never pass this way again. That may be, but I am hedging my bet that this will not be true.  I want to pass this way again, with my classmates, Linton High School Class of 1980.

Yesterday we celebrated our 35th Reunion.  Chip and I arrived a bit later in the afternoon and from the minute we walked in, I felt happy, warm and part of something that I have not felt in many years. The group was small but the talk of memories and shared laughter sprinkled with a bit of tears was nothing small at all.

I found it funny that with some of my classmates, it felt like not a day had passed and with others, once those 1970’s songs were mentioned and a few rounds of ‘kill the hill’ were chanted, we were back in 1979.  We have lost some of our classmates and although they will not pass this way again in person, they will forever be in our hearts.  We will remember them and mourn. (It’s ok)

Many of us have lived through cancer, illness, loss of family members and that could have slowed us down but we remained strong…and present.  That is what matters.  It’s not the car you drive or the job you have. It is not a home or bank account.  And to my friends, as we discussed: IT IS NOT HOW YOU LOOK. I  too was worried about how I looked- after all these years! Really?  I thought to myself yesterday morning, do I look  like I have been out of school 35 years?   I thought to myself, “What the hell, Karen, really?” All I know is that those hugs felt good and laughing and smiling that long made me feel lighter in the soul.

I could go on forever with tidbits of conversations that transpired. I was really moved at the number of people that read my blog making me part of their morning, afternoon or evening.  Lisa, I hope you feel this hug across the internet in your chair tonight.  Dan, I am open for comments and perhaps a guest blogger? and Christine:

When the lights go down in the city
And the sun shines on the bay
Do I wanna be there in my city?
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YES– I wanna be there in my city. This reunion has bound us all once again until we meet in five short years.  For those that could not make it, I hope to see you at the 40th reunion. Times like this make us strong Blue Devils and Blue Devils we will always be.


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