We don’t deserve dogs.

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I am a dog person. I love dogs, all dogs and right now, my true love is our pug Izzy. Cats are fine and all that but there is nothing like the love of a dog. Frankly, I am in awe of it.

Izzy has no idea what goes on in our human lives. She has no clue what we do for a living, what the kids schoolwork load is like or the status of our health. Money is of no concern and time stands still or at least moves slow, unless we are not home and then I would venture to guess time drags on for her.

Amelia is right when she says we don’t deserve dogs. They give more than they get.

When Izzy sees us come home or even enter the room, she reacts. Her ears go down, her pug tail and butt wag as only a pug can do and as Jack says,” she hugs you with her eyes.” My heart just melts.

I have had other dogs. We had two poodles, Nikki and Sukki who were unique and funny in their own rite. Poodle-ish yet loving with a poodle heart, not a pug heart. I had a lab mix growing up and she loved you out loud. Big and warm and kissy. Awesome.

Bow Wow Wellness is a program at RIT in Rochester where students can go to interact with various breeds of dogs and play, relax and just plain get some love. The love from the dogs in this program may not be the same as a parent’s love but I bet at times it is even better. Dogs ask no questions, they do not interject opinion, nor do they judge. Why do you think they have this program? Because it works. Plain and simple these dogs relieve stress take the edge off as the students continue with their studies. It is brilliant.

Facebook and other social media platforms are full of people loving their dogs, vacationing with their dogs and in some wonderfully blessed cases they are rescuing dogs. When did this happen, this environment of rescues? There are way too many rescues shelters out there. The images haunt me, and I want to take these little loves home.

Let’s be worthy of a dog’s love. Let’s return the favor and love them and understand when the puppy messes up and makes a mess on the floor or chews something they should not. Why don’t we teach and not punish? Why don’t we love and see if together we can change the behavior? Am I idealistic and naïve? Maybe but I am ok with that because I want Izzy to know I don’t deserve her, but you bet your butt that I am lucky to have her.

So, Izzy, let that pug gut hang out and low. Go ahead and toot, sneeze, and spray pug snot from here to eternity because tomorrow is your birthday and we are glad we have had you these 11 years. Stay with us a few more and continue to teach us how to love and respect each other. You have done it without words, without spending a dollar and without leaving the house. Although your once black mask is now white, and those warm brown eyes have a milky hue, your heart, eyes, ears, and tail are still young and speak to our hearts.

Don’t leave us yet Izzy, although we do not deserve you, we still need you.

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