We all have stuff.

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During a recent spin class, the instructor was walking around the room at the precipice of an upcoming hill.  A difficult hill requiring concentration and a marriage between brain and body. Unfortunately, my menopause mind cannot remember the song that was playing but it had to do with overcoming what’s going on.  “Stuff gets in the way- we all have stuff,” she said.  It can stop you from being the best you can be…whether on a spin bike, your job, with your spouse or in life’s everyday situations.

She continued to encourage us to be better, work harder…to just try.  You can always push ahead a take a little off if it gets to be too much.

Wow, no truer words have been said.

I am so not a motivational person.  I don’t read famous motivational books or listen to the tapes.  I never found them to be realistic, you know, for us normal people.  Joann’s words went beyond spin.

If we all believe, truly believe, that we have our own stuff, then why don’t we help each other?  Let’s take this new year with its clean slate and look not for weakness but for strength. It’s our chance to renew and remove the “I can’t” and replace it with “I’m gonna try!”

There are people I know who truly have more stuff in their life than some of us do.  My thoughts are with them all the time.  I can’t take their stuff but I sure as hell can reach out and be there for them and with them.  We all can.  Just try.

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