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This morning I had to drive to my White Plains office for a meeting. When I  go to that office, I drive halfway and meet up with an old friend and coworker.  We have been friends for a very long time and have spent literally thousands of miles together driving the crazy high speed Taconic Parkway.  I have mentioned this friend to you many times over the years. He is a friend and a dear soul.  His wife has been ill and together, they have been dealing with quite a bit. I think of her and pray for her to be better.

While I am not overly religious, I AM an Italian Catholic and I have been known to pray now and then, granted in my own way. My grandmother, Amelia, loved and prayed to the Archangel Michael.  Many times she told me the stories about him and the angels and I can still hear her voice. I was thinking about her today. Her birthday is coming up and I miss her terribly.

My ‘driving friend’ and I are coffee fanatics.  We drink a cup on the way to the office, at the office and on the way back.  (Don’t tell my cardiologist)

This morning I said I would buy the first round so I headed off to Dunkin’ Donuts while I waited for him to meet me.  When I got there, that drive thru line was long so I parked and walked inside.  The line was even longer! I was about 12 people in and struck up a conversation with this woman as we waited.  We talked about patience and ‘real problems’ and how waiting in a Dunkin’ Donuts is NOT a real problem.  She ordered her coffee and turned to me on the way out the door and said, “enjoy this beautiful day and your cup of coffee.”  I wished her the same and finally made my way to the counter.

When I placed my order I was not looking up and when I did, I saw a young man with the sweetest face.  He smiled at me and handed me the coffee.  I happened to look at his name tag and his name was Seraphim.

I said, “I love your name, isn’t that the name of an angel?”

“Yes. ” he said, “it is the highest class of angels… the strongest.” He smiled at me and looked me dead in the eye. I actually stopped for a second and looked back, smiled and left.

I did not mention this to Donald as he may think I need psychiatric counseling but Italians are very superstitious and believers in this type of coincidence.  I think these signs come when we are in need of some sort of cosmic hug, or karma or whatever you believe.

Kind of weird, huh? When I passed that beautiful Catskill Mountain range on the way home and saw that sunset, I didn’t think it was weird at all!


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  1. Dolly Knight


    Goosebumps on that one, however being Italian and Catholic myself I totally understand. I wonder if it is a curse or a blessing 🙂

  2. Milissa Morrissey

    Karen- thank you for sharing your experience and witnessing that God, the spirit of the universe is and will always be there – as long as we are open. My dear Mother passed away 29 years ago this October 26th. I hear her voice every day – her reminders to pray to God to give you strength, that God helps them who help themselves(or the Irish version : Pray for potatoes, but get the hoe). Thank you for a beautiful inspiring story. Milissa


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