Walking along the double yellow line

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My daughter and I took our pug Izzy for a walk this afternoon.  We just did the “loop” around the neighborhood.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and we thought we would enjoy it.

I like this time with the kids.  It is quiet in my neighborhood and I have some uninterrupted time with them discussing all sorts of things.  I share a bit and they share a bit and I can only hope they get as much out of it as I do. I do not profess to be wise but I wasn’t born at 49 years old either. I seem to have trouble finding my car int he Macy’s parking lot, but I can still see my junior prom date in that light blue tux and I remember how my heart felt that night. I wish those feelings for my children.

Amelia had a heart breaker this weekend.  Because of the injury to her spleen, she could not try out for AAU girls basketball.  Having played for the same coach the previous two years, I too thought he would have taken her without the tryout.  We were wrong.  It broke my heart. She is strong and I admire her for that.

Jack had a great win in CYO bball on Friday night but a tough defeat on Saturday morning.  I was so proud of how he AND his team played. They won the championship last year and they will do it again next year, I am sure. When he drove to the hole and made that layup I jumped out of my chair.  Can I get a WA-HOO???

Listening to the things that bother them make my issues appear very small.  I told Amelia how on Friday morning, my Turbo-kick instructor is 6-months pregnant…and she kicked my butt!  My shoulders still hurt!  She laughed but I think she sees me as an old bat….taking these classes trying to keep in shape. (Still on the fence on the “Couch to 5K” program.  Not sure if this poor old knee can handle it.)

We just had an early dinner, Pasta Carbonara, without the cheese for me, and we are settling in for homework and facing the week.  Jack just told me he wanted to walk Izzy with me.  I wonder if he will slip his arm through mine as we walk that double yellow line?  Not if anyone is watching he won’t. Maybe I should wait until dark.

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