Travels with Chip- Watching Die Hard on The Sofa

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I have never been one for violent movies.  The Sopranos series is an exception for obvious reasons, just like The Godfather.  Anyway, Chip loved Steven Segal’s movies, the Matrix, Bourne Identity, and John Wick.  I’m a rom-com lover, so sometimes Chip would watch his “man movies,” and I would read a book, perhaps one from the romance genre.

Since we are in the Christmas season, it appears that in almost every Zoom meeting or holiday party circle, the conversation turns to favorite holiday movies, the plethora of Hallmark movies, and Die Hard. Seriously? Die Hard as a Christmas movie? I have never seen it. The idea spawned from my boredom with television and movies. I read quite a bit, and I work. Miss Tillie and I mill around doing this and that, but today I thought about Chip and doing something for him.

In this episode, my travels with Chip find us staying local- specifically on the sofa. So, my dear love, I poured a healthy glass of IPA, made a manly Turkey sandwich and chips, and rented Die Hard on Prime Video.

Die Hard as a Christmas Movie?

I hardly consider Die Hard a Christmas movie just because Christmas music is played throughout the movie, and the excessive and graphic violence occurs during a holiday party. I think that is where the reference to Christmas begins and ends. It took less than 17 minutes for the shooting to begin, and I paused the movie to grab another IPA.  Sadly, it did not dull the sounds of shooting and explosions.  If Chip were sitting next to me, I believe he would be riveted and enjoying the show.

A few comments and thoughts…

It is not as fun watching a “Chip movie” without Chip as the recipient of my snarky comments and covering my eyes as explosion after explosion attacks my senses. While I am not Siskel & Ebert, my dear readers, I cannot help but share some observations and thoughts with you all about Die Hard:

  • Let me get this straight. He runs, shoeless, in an undershirt with just a handgun to combat what he thinks is a criminal attack in progress.
  • At one point, bleeding and arguably near death, he takes the time to confide in the patrolman (via radio nonetheless) for the love he has for his wife and life regrets. Is this an attempt to spark an “aww” from the female audience? If Chip were here, he would argue that some of the emotional script in a Hallmark movie is not much better.
  • I cannot watch beatings and violence for that amount of screen time; it gives me agita. I checked my heart rate on my Apple watch, and it was 92, and I was sitting still.
  • What about the limo driver? Seriously? You break through the barricade at the end, yet sat in the garage for hours? Hmm.
  • The movie ends with Bruce Willis and his wife kissing in the back of the limousine, and Let it Snow plays in the background while mayhem ensues. I have no words.

After all is said and done

I love you Chip, and I gladly did this for you. It’s a mere 2 hours and 12 minutes of life that I cannot get back. However, I am adding this to my list of life experiences right up there with our trips to the volcano Haleakala in Maui and the Blue Grotto off the island of Capri in southern Italy. It saddens me that you are not here on the couch with me having a beer, the Christmas tree all aglow, and candles burning. But never fear. I have more travels planned for you and payback for Die Hard is well, you know…. In the meantime, i am back to the Hallmark Channel and some hot chocolate.


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