Tomorrow is my birthday.

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Seriously you ask, you’re telling us it’s your birthday.

Yes. I. Am. Why? Because a birthday is a wonderful thing. A celebration of another year of life with family and friends, receiving wishes for the same in the upcoming year.

So many people, ladies, especially us, dread the birthday. Ah, the years ticking by…yada, yada, yada. Not me. I am proud to roar out “I am 57 years old”! Aging is a gift that sadly so many do not receive. Recently, a few of us got together to begin planning our 40th high school reunion. As we went through the class list, it was overwhelming, the names of so many classmates that will not be contacted. They have passed away, so young and so sad. They are forever in our hearts and thoughts but will not be physically with us that night. We will raise a glass to them.

So, as I sit here on the eve of my birthday, I feel the need to impart a few (random) thoughts about the upcoming year, and future years (God willing) as I progress towards my old age goal of 103 years old.

  • Ok so my hair is graying. My friend Marilyn does a spectacular job of hiding them, but the grays are winning the war. I have written a few times about my trips to The Breast Cancer Center at Strong Memorial and sitting among those brave women, many with no hair, the realization hit me, and I stopped complaining about my gray hairs.
  • Wrinkles? I hope this year to add at least a dozen more wrinkles to my face. I anticipate they will appear from the laughter I get from the 3am calls from Jack or Amelia’s quest for a dinner item while cruising through Wegmans. I pray they will not be sad or frown lines.
  • Hey Jo: My junk will still be hanging off the back of my spin bike if I have anything to say about it…at least for a decade or two more!
  • Boobs sag. Deal with it. I’m just happy I still have them.
  • My glasses are getting a bit thicker and I have to stand closer to read the guide on cable TV. But look at it this way, I can still see those gray hairs and laugh lines…
  • Who knew in my late 50’s I would have a physical therapist for a body part that I never knew could use a physical therapist. (Thank you Kate.)
  • In high school I was 5’7”. I am now 5’5 ½”. But guess what? Even at that height, I am still your mother, Amelia and Jack, so don’t make me bring out that Italian mother side or I will make you watch Taken
  • There are over 21 pages of blog posts mentioning my husband Chip. We have been married for 30 years and I swear we are still together because we did not live together for the first seven! (long honeymoon period, wink-wink) I hope I have at least 30 more years. Take a read of a post I wrote for our 24th anniversary.
  • Spanks are not your friend. Be yourself.

Listen to your heart and soul. They know you better than most anyone else.

There is no guarantee in life but I sure as hell hope we will be ‘talking to each other’ via this site for many decades to come. If not, well then, someone pick up the task and carry it on. I am so thankful for my family and friends. Special thanks to all of the pastaonthefloor readers. This site has been viewed almost 7000 times so far this year from just about ten countries. Maybe some are crazy international spies who fell upon this site, but does it matter? Nope. It makes me smile.

So Happy Birthday to me and if you see me tomorrow, give me a big hug. I love hugs and I promise to return the gift whenever you need it.

Oh, and Shelly, you will still be older and even though you were able to drive first, you will turn 60 first as well!


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  1. Anita

    A belated happy birthday to you and virtual hugs. The NYTimes chocolate cake recipe led me to your blog. I’m staring down the barrel of my 58th birthday in December, so your age reflections are timely. I hope for more smile wrinkles, too!

    • Karen

      Birthdays are great. Happy birthday to you o❤️


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