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Today is election day, a day to exercise our civic duty and vote for the people we want to run our government.   I take it very seriously.  Voting is a privilege and a right. My very first election was 1980.  I was barely 18 years old and away at school that election day.  I voted via absentee ballot.  The race was between Reagan, Carter and Anderson.  Reagan won by a mile.  I voted for Anderson. I was young and idealistic and not too uninformed. (I am still very idealistic).

I once took my little poodle Nikki to vote with me, tucked her in my coat and pulled that curtain closed.  The guy outside the booth heard her cry and I got the strangest look look when I cranked that curtain open. After we were first married, I found that my new husband did not share my zest for the American dream to vote.  He missed an election and I was having none of that. I admit this to you all, and I am not proud of it:  I forged his signature and registered him to vote. Whew, that was cathartic. I have never admitted that out loud.  I registered him as the Republican he is (and I am not).  I thought it best to register him as a Republican for fear my young marriage would have ended right then and there!

So this morning I went to spin class at 5am and by 6:30 I was signed in and ready to vote.  I think it is the coolest thing to vote and as I passed my neighbors and friends on the sidewalk outside Town Hall, I realized and hoped that they too feel the same way.  It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just vote.

Today like most days, I worried. I worry about my husband, his health and his business. I worry about my kids schoolwork, basketball tryouts and their health.  I worry about my job and am I doing a good job and playing a role in the company’s growth.  I worry and I really  and thankfully have no reason to worry.  These thoughts that stay in my head take up space and it is time they leave.  I know many people who feel this way too.  We need to change it.

Today I had a doctor appointment with a Cardio Thoracic Surgeon.  A few weeks ago a chest x-ray showed a small nodule in my right lung.  I had a CT scan last week and the appointment today.  This man was kind and warm and smart and reassuring and told me I was fine. I explained to him that I am Italian and by definition, that means that any pain or nodule means I will be dead in three days regardless of his diagnosis and opinion.  In this case, thankfully, he was correct.  Today I am blessed to have family and friends and their support. (Deb/Brian, you are the best) and  Zumba ladies give THE best hugs. I am thankful and believe me, I don’t take any of it for granted.

Today was a good day.  I  know that for one for one of the presidential candidates, this day will not end on a happy note.  They both tried hard and campaigned hard and are willing to sacrifice a great deal to be our President.  I wish them both good luck and to the one who wins this election, today his life has changed and tomorrow is a new day.  Don’t waste it.

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  1. Larry Eiss

    I’ve been reading your more recent work here and I have to say that I think since you’ve moved to WordPress you have really begun to find your voice. These recent posts are the sort of thing I had in mind when we first talked about the idea of blogging on the train a few years ago. Keep up the great work!! I look forward to each new article these days!


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