Today, it was about more than Zumba.

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It was about more than dancing, and Pitbull and ‘who is standing in my spot’.  It was about coming together for each other, and with each other for one that especially needed us.

One of the Zumba Ladies lost a parent this week and the wake and service were this afternoon. I think this might be the first one of us to lose a parent since we have been together. Some of us decided to meet at the gym and drive over in a caravan.  We were all quiet and solemn and deep in thought.

We have been through quite a bit together:  kids leaving for college and empty nesting; fights with spouses; upcoming moves across the country; illness and oncology visits; surgeries and orthopedic problems.  We are a gang.  We are more than Zumba Ladies.  It’s a club of hearts.

Our hearts tie us together as mothers and daughters, sisters and wives.  We are bakers and cooks; athletes and novices; comedians and joke tellers.  We are teachers and salesmen and bankers. We are friends who began with one common ground and over time found we had so much more. Each monthly zumba get together brought us closer and closer.

As I stood there today waiting to give my friend a hug and tell her it would be OK, I looked at this group of  strong women, dressed in black and full of sorrow for our friend.  We held it together to show her support. There was no zumba for us today, at least not in terms of dancing.

I  realized that the saying is true.  You are stronger together as one , than alone as one.

I talk to my mom every day. (My dad has since passed away.)  I call to tell her what the kids are doing, or about a great turkey sandwich I had for lunch. I have called her twice in the past week for mass cards.  Another zumba friend lost her brother.  I think of her when I look at my kids and know not only did she raise me, but raised my kids as well.  I see her in them.

I have been meaning to  write her a letter and tell her how I feel.  I know she will not be here one day, and I hope to God I have my Zumba Ladies to get me through that.

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