To the German family who will soon have my son….

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In a week or so, you will have the pleasure of living with my son Jack, just as I was honored to host your daughter Charlotte, and her friend Alina.  These girls became part of our family from breakfast morning talks over Pop Tarts to t-shirt shopping at the Gap. As the days quickly passed, we all fell into a routine and my heart soon fell in love with them.  When the bus pulled out that Sunday morning, I cried right along with all the other families whose lives were touched by these beautiful students from a country far away speaking a language I could not speak.

For that brief period of time, we were not American or German, we were just people.

Now it is your turn to experience this with my son Jack. I thought I would give you some insight on Jack in preparation for his arrival. Jack is a wonderful guy and a great son.  He can make you laugh and cry all within five minutes. He and his sister Amelia are truly gifts that my husband Chip and I have had the pleasure of loving, raising and soon setting them free. The only hardship is letting them go. So when you have Jack these next few weeks, do me a favor and:

  • Tell him- check in with his mom, she misses him!
  • Test him- make him speak German. He is better at it than he thinks.
  • Remind him- he forgets more things than he remembers.
  • Ask him- Where is your wallet?
  • Feed him- get ready, he eats!
  • Laugh with him- he is funny and engaging.
  • Watch him- peel the layers; you will see beyond what everyone else sees. You will not be disappointed.
  • Love him- you will! It is easy.
  • Cry with him when he leaves- I’ll say no more.
  • Remember him- your daughter left a mark on my family that will never be forgotten. My mom measured her on the “kids wall” in her kitchen and forever her name and date will be on that wall. My Mom says it makes her smile when she sees it!

Also danke im voraus für das Hosting Jack und begrüße ihn in deine Familie. Eines Tages werden wir uns alle treffen!  Auf Wiedersehen und Godspeed.

So, thank you in advance for hosting Jack and welcoming him into your family. One day, perhaps, we will all meet!

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  1. Laura Macejka

    Really Karen, early this morning I am tearing up while reading your words. You just know how to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper, lol. You always seem to touch my heart with your words. So many times I want to write my thoughts down, but never seems to sound just right. Never stop writing. I’ll keep reading. So many times you say a lot of what I want to say. Love you and your wonderful family. Hope to see you soon.

    • Karen

      Thanks for the kind comments. You’re a great mom and your words mean a lot to me. ????


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