To my fellow riders spinning on Christmas Eve

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After a great pre-Christmas Eve class this morning, I feel compelled to share some thoughts and good tidings to the riders who will be spinning for 90 minutes on Christmas Eve morning.  Sadly, I will not be able to attend.  As an Italian woman, I have duties and responsibilities on Christmas Eve up to and including the Feast of the Seven Fish. (Note:  I managed to create a dish with all seven fish in one glorious pot.  I will share the recipe another time.) 

So here are my well wishes to you all.  For those of you first timers to the new studio set up, give it a chance.  I too was skeptical and now I am back in the spin groove again. 

So, on this pre-Christmas Eve,  

  • I truly pray your alarm goes off on time at the stroke of 6 am tomorrow morning, and then you hit that ‘enroll now’ button enjoying the feeling of seeing “Enrolled” on your account
  • May you procure your favorite bike and I hope that it will be steady and not wobbly  
  • I wish you a full and cool water bottle and with it a soft and absorbent towel(s)
  • I hope you feel the arctic northern breeze blowing from the ceiling fan 
  • May you bask in the northern lights-type glow of Joanne’s unbelievable energy as she leads you through a Christmas Eve ride 
  • May your clips be tight, your baskets perfectly snug and your neighbor religious about personal hygiene 
  • I hope you revel in the exhilaration of hitting a 17-level gear at 75-85 rpm’s resulting in a total calorie burn of at least 750 
  • May your junk hang off the back; may you hit the gas when you hear that familiar whistle and please loudly respond to the question, “Yes or Yes?” 
  • I wasn’t going to say it, but ladies, I hope your seat doesn’t get fresh and poke you where it shouldn’t 
  • May your Clementine’s be sweet, easy to peel, free of seeds and most importantly not mealy 

And on a final note, let’s encourage each other and not compete. Instead of casually looking over at your neighbors monitor to compare their speed and rpm’s with yours, why don’t we support each other with an atta boy, you can do it.  

Santa is watching. Don’t be naughty, be nice! 

I wish you all an abundance of calorie burn, a minimal amount of pain from your seat and a happy and healthy holiday week.  See you all back in the saddle on Tuesday. 

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