Three Fine Gents

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Yesterday I had lunch with three fine gentlemen.

Gentlemen No. 1- Jim. I have known Jim since the late 1980’s. He was a client of mine and over time we morphed into great friends. Over the years we have kept in touch via impromptu in person visits, Christmas cards, Facebook sharing and occasionally, an unexpected phone call that lasts for over an hour while I drive to Rochester.

Gentlemen No.2- Donald. Donald and I have known each other and worked in and out of the same companies within an industry for over two decades. We have a long standing and strong friendship that has kept us close over the years. We are both hounds about coffee and while we do not share the same political views, we laugh like crazy over our differences and a 2-hour ride can feel like 10 minutes!

Sidebar- Donald worked in the South Tower and was having lunch with me yesterday because his hot water heater broke the morning of 9/11. He was at home. His entire office was able to escape without injury.

Gentlemen No. 3- James (Jim) Jim and I have worked together for the past 7+ years. He is a wonderful man and great friend. He knows me well and I know him just as deeply. We have traveled together for business many times and he is the best elevator buddy and stair climber I have ever known. (I have a deep phobia about elevators) Jim is a foodie and coffee connoisseur and I look forward to Christmas Eve breakfasts with him and Augie at Perreca’s.

Now you know the back story of these three noblemen, and you may be able to imagine the four of us having lunch at McGeary’s in downtown Albany. We shared an appetizer, laughed over the fact that we all knew what each other would order and two hours flew by like the wind.

My point here is be thankful for these moments. Enjoy both the differences and the similarities you share with people. It makes the world a better place and for sure it inspires me to be a better person.

Thanks gents for a lovely lunch and for being my friend all these years. I have enjoyed every step of the way and sharing those old stories just heals me. I hope I have returned the same feelings to your warm hearts.


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  1. Jim Nash

    Thanks Karen, one extremely lovely lady!!


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