This J-Lo business is tough

by | Apr 16, 2012 | Blog | 0 comments

5:10 the alarm goes off this morning. I am dreaming that I am floating in Skaneateles Lake…..peaceful and cool water. Nope. Time for Rocky Bottom Becky.

In an effort to keep this J-Lo training on track, I went to the gym this morning for 45 minutes of lower body work out.  I am not sure if I can get out of this chair after I finish this post; and I am 100% positive getting off the commode is going to be impossible. Am I doomed for one of those classy, high seat, 17″ off the floor deals?  Ugh. What’s next, my AARP card?

The class was great but I missed my usual early morning mates. (you know who you are!)

I challenge you to think out of the box and try something new. Misery loves company and I need some company. 

Enjoy the great day. The sunrise at 6:30 or so this morning was spectacular, but you guys wouldn’t know that, would you?

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