They say bread is life, I say not without cheese!

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I thought I would open up and be honest about my addiction to cheese. I came to face that I am a cheese addict as I opened my refrigerator ‘deli drawer’ and realized it should be just a cheese drawer. It is no secret that I have a deep affinity for cheese. I gave up cheese for Lent a few years back and I felt lost. Lost? Yes, cheese is everywhere!

So now I stand before you, refrigerator door open, head bowed in shame as I share what I have in my possession:

  1. Locatelli Romano– excellent in escarole, shredded on pizza or stuffed in cherry peppers.
  2. Orange Ginger Goat Cheese– one of my favorites from R&G Cheese Makers in Troy, NY. Perfect for cheese and crackers or warmed on crusty bread.
  3. Mascarpone– yum. Melt and add a cup of the pasta water and pour over pasta. Add cooked chicken or shrimp; peas or asparagus and you are good to go.
  4. Feta– reduced fat for salads or topping grilled vegetables. You can also add to sautéed asparagus with mushrooms. Drizzle truffle oil before you add the Feta.
  5. From Sugarbush Farm in Woodstock, VT I have a brick of their Smoked Cheese and a brick of their Extra Sharp Cheddar aged for 6 years. Don’t need to do a thing, just eat it. It is spectacular.
  6. I have the remnants of a ball of smoked fresh mozzarella from Stew Leonard’s in Danbury, CT. Worth the road trip. Stew’s is a culinary experience and the possibilities for dinner are endless. Go there. You will not regret it and if you are starving from the trip, hit the “Hoe Down” for a burger!
  7. I have two bricks of Cappiello’s Mozzarella cheese at all times. You never know when you will need to throw together a lasagna or a pizza. This cheese just rocks it and for a brick, as opposed to their fresh, it just works.
  8. For snacks and lunches, I have both Babybel Light and light string cheese. Great grab and go for 50 calories and about 6 grams of protein!
  9. For pasta, I have both grated Romano and shredded Parmesan. (Just in case, I also have a wedge of Parmesan for fresh grating, just sayin’)
  10. Toasted Everything soft spreadable cheese from alouette. Not sure why this is here, but it looks good!
  11. Sargento’s 4 State Cheddar for tacos night.
  12. Sandwiches are great with Finlandia Lacey Swiss or low sodium Muenster.
  13. Land o’ Lakes American cheese for burgers.
  14. The last piece of a wedge of brie with herbs de Provence. Spread on a cracker, stuff a chicken breast, it is perfection.
  15. Hidden in the back is chunk of Manchego. Perfect as a last minute topper on spicy pizza and then drizzled with honey.
  16. And for the record, there is only one cream cheese and that is Temp Tee. Period.

Holy cow that is a lot of cheese and truly reflects a snapshot into my fridge, no lie, no exaggeration. We are cheese people.

If you have any questions on how to use cheese in your meals, or your life in general, just email me at and I would happy to help!

Dicono che il pane è vita, non dico senza formaggio! Ciao!

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