They are hard-wired

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The night before Valentine”s Day, my 12 year old son asked me to take him to CVS.
“Why Jack, what do you need?” I asked.
“Nothing, but can you take me?”
And so I did. To the Valentine’s Day card section. And there I sat back and watched my little man among all the big men read card after card after card. NOTE: there were NO women there, literally not a one. Because women don’t wait until the last minute to buy a Valentine”s card.
He read over 25 cards until he found the right one. I almost died to pay $4.59 for a card. I could hear my Italian grandmother telling me, “cross out the amount on the back because your cheap Aunt Angie will look to see what you paid.”
We then moved over to the chocolates aisle and found a respectable box of mixed chocolates. Home we went. The card and gift passed the scrutiny of the big sister and a sigh of relief was exhaled.
He came home yesterday with the gifts he received in return and was truly happy. He told me for a minute, during the day, he was afraid she would forget or not return the tradition but he was relieved when she gave him the card and candy. I looked into his eyes and saw the beginnings of a grown man. Handsome and kind……and totally susceptible to the evil ways of women? Oh wait, did I say that out loud?

I swore I would not be a mother-in-law type but I fear I already am.  Jack asked me when we watched Monster-in-Law if I would be like her.  I had to say YES…I want to stop myself but I cannot. I have been telling him since he was 3 years old that “some little Irish girl is not going to get up and make you pancakes at 5:30am”.  No disrespect to the Irish, got rest your soul Patricia.

I would like to think I can un-hard-wire my son but it cannot be done. He can already sleep through anything including Izzy snoring in his ear.  I hope someday that his wife will read this and try and understand.  It’s really not my fault.

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