“There’s nothing like a good Tabata in the morning”

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I don’t know if that quote would rank up there in the halls of time with another famous morning-referenced quote, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” from Apocalypse Now (1979), but in my life and circle of friends, it is probably #1.

That quote is what I heard this morning at Spinning class at 5:30.  Michelle is a very enthusiastic instructor. Although I silently curse her under my breath every time she yells crank it a turn to the right , I find her encouraging and supportive.  But note to Michelle:  when you have us at level 10 climbing the hills and you say, “you’re almost there, whatever it is you want is at the top of the hill waiting for you:  water, level road, slower pace…..” Really Michelle? How about a date with Christian, a small dish of B&J Chocolate Therapy, a day of peace and quiet or all of the above?

I was tired this morning and did not want to go but I knew Kim and Heather would be there and we need each other for motivation, to laugh at one another when we can’t walk straight and feel ‘that bone’ is hurting.  This morning I was so psyched to see Joanna.  She has been working double time and she made it thought the class like a pro.  I will not reveal the content of her text to me around 10:30 this morning but needless to say, she too is sitting on a single cheek and walking a bit funny today.

So, yes, there is nothing like a good Tabata in the morning, except maybe a hot cup of coffee and warm basket of baked goods…..on a beach somewhere, with of course, The New York Times.

Sidebar: Tabata defined; See the article in Shape Magazine http://www.shape.com/fitness/cardio/tabata-4-minute-fat-burning-miracle-workout

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