There’s Got To Be A Better Way

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Perhaps.  There is probably, and most likely a better and easier way to do most things. I can think of a few things I would like to have done easier and/or better:
1. Childbirth.
2. Childbirth the second time. Obviously I did not learn too much the first time.
3. Working and going to college full time.
4. And working out/getting fit.

My early morning gang laments when we are about mid-way in our class….”There has to be a better way!”  Well, there may be a better and easier way to get fit and lose weight. Here are some options we can investigate:
1. starvation. NOT an option.  I almost died without cheese for Lent, starvation is out of the question.
2. Surgery. also NOT an option.  I am a weenie and need Valium and Xanax just to get thru the pre-op!
3. Working out with friends. BINGO.

I took two classes today with my ‘peeps’.  Rock Bottom Becky at 5:45am and Zumba at 7:30pm.  My calorie burn today was over 3200. s-w-e-e-t!!  I need my friends to get thru it and laugh and ache when that song of squats just won’t end.  But it does and we did it, together. I don’t want a better or easier way.  I like it this way. It works.

I have been lucky up to this point with my family. I have two great kids that are excellent students and athletes. My husband is a pain in my posterior right now but I love him more than anything. THAT I did the best way.  

So all in all. Not bad.  Easier? Maybe. Better? No  way.

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