There are some gentlemen left

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I am lucky enough to work with gentlemen, true gentlemen.  They hold a door, carry a bag, allow me to enter a room first. They are gentlemen.

Sadly, this type of man is slipping away.  I not sure why. Maybe they have run into the type of woman I saw on an airplane once.  A gentlemen tried to help her lift her ginormous bag into the overhead and she just about clocked him, shouting profanities about her ability to lift that rolly-bag. Really?  I say, H-E-L-P. If you would like to assist me, I am all for that.

Now that being said, I flew to Buffalo one very cold and icy December, way back before jetways.  I walked onto the tarmac at Albany airport in a blizzard. Did I mention I was on crutches with a broken leg? I was about the hop up onto the 9 seater little prop plane when I felt a hand on my behind.  I thought it was my co-worked, Faith, insuring I would not fall.  Nope, It was the ‘gentlemen’ in the flight gear and to this day I am not quiet sure what his motivation was!

My grandfather was old school Italian.  He wore work pants and a button down shirt every day, no matter the weather.  He was intelligent and soft spoken and a gentlemen.  He was what I would want my son to be and my daughter to marry. I see parts of that type of man in the the guys I see every day at work.

So to the gents in my office who carry my ‘mulesacks’ and insure that my coffee is a medium French Vanilla with skim milk, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  Each time I call Donald, Darin, Keith or Jim and ask them to come all the way down to the lobby to take me up in the elevator, they do, with kindness and compassion and a smile.  THANK YOU. I do notice every door you hold, every seat you offer and everything you all do.

I hope I give something to you all in return other than a backache, a lighter wallet and an elevator phobia.  Indeed, there are some gentlemen left and to the ‘gentleman’ who tailed me so dangerously close this morning on 787, I hope you enjoyed the view of Wolfgang’s taillights.  Not bad for a girl….

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