The view from my treadmill.

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Almost every morning I psych myself up to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  I would rather spin four mornings a week but until this thing heals, it makes it nearly impossible.  Therefore Bike #97 will just have to wait until I return. The cast is now off and I am back in the brace awaiting an MRI.  I’m thinking positive thoughts right now!

When I was younger, I used to run quite frequently although I don’ t think I ever really had the “bug”.  I lived in Manhattan and ran early in the morning before the stores were open and the doormen would sweep and hose off the sidewalks in front of the luxury buildings on the upper East side. I was wonderful.

I find it to be very enjoyable now.  I loaded my iPod with a combination of Zumba music and motivational spinning music.  I imagine myself outside or on a bike and begin to get comfortable with my stride.  I am just about at the two mile mark per day. Not bad but no where near as engaging as hanging with my old peeps in the Spinning Room.

But I will tell you this, there is a lot more going on in the weight room than I thought. So for weeks now I have made a mental catalogue of my observations from my treadmill.

  • Some guys are into heavy lifting.  The spot each other but it seems like a lot of chatting between a few reps of weights. The characters range up to and including “Mr. Pajama bottoms”, ” Mr. jeans and bandana” and my favorite, “white socks, weight lifting gloves and a Dunkin Donuts in hand”
  • The ladies are not there for the beauty.  Hair up in a ponytail…comfy clothes. There are  a few who use their waistband to hold their iPod and we all have the view of  that result…yikers.
  • The guy who jumps rope like Mohamed Ali is memorizing.  I could watch him for an hour.
  • I’m not quite sure about the “box”.  I watch them jump up on it and I fear someone is truly going to kill themselves.
  • There is a man that is very tattooed.  I hear he owns a tattoo shop.  He has a wonderfully kind smile…or he pities me with this bright red cast on.
  • Some fellow tread millers are intense.  They run at full speed with what seems like forever…or…they walk. Odd.
  • I am not the only runner who covers the display so we cannot see how much time is left.  I cannot watch the clock.
  • Oh, and PS it is rude to watch your neighbor’s display when they punch in their data, especially the weight.  Ugh.  I hate that.

I do prefer the gym in the morning. I have gone at lunchtime to run  and the crowd is different.  Yuppyish.  Looking to be seen doing ‘whatever’ but not really working it.  My routine doesn’t change no matter the time of day.

I do have to confess that I used the emergency button twice.  Once when my water bottle fell onto the treadmill and was bouncing around and once when my iPod popped out.  Both times I almost killed myself. (Chip thought this was hysterical.)

I’d like to complain about this stupid injury but I can’t. I have been able to do Zumba and the treadmill and basically move about even though it is somewhat difficult. I am mobile and now that I can take a shower without that huge rubber/plastic thing, life is good. I will continue to run and watch my fellow morning workout people from my perch on the treadmill.

I thank all of you who have helped me put my armband on, tie my hairband and get my sweatshirt off.  I continue to get up at 4:45 because I am blessed with friends and instructors/friends who have been so supportive and encouraging.  Now I need to go to sleep…I have to get up in 7 hours and do it all over again!



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