That’s a Hard No!

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In the Fifty Shades book/movie, Ana and Christian go thru a rather interesting and somewhat disturbing list  of various items that does not warrant further discussion here.  That being said, after reading the food list from the nutritionist, I have my own list of hard no’s:

  • Raw mushrooms is a Hard No!
  • Plain Greek yogurt by any brand in any container is a Hard No!
  • Celery with whipped cream cheese is not only a Hard No!, but just disgusting. The cream cheese makes me long for a NYC bagel, and the celery makes me yearn for a Duff’s chicken wing.
  • Whole raw green beans for dessert? Hard No! No further explanation needed.
  • Water is not a drink for dessert and does not go with sugar peas or baby carrots as an evening snack….Hard No!
  • And when this little period has passed it will be a Hard No!that I give up Prosecco ever again.

P.S. The scale moved ever so slightly, but it moved.  I’ll take that as my first win.

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