Thank You Hallmark Channel

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It is no secret to the people who know me best that I am a sappy romantic. I love the romance the movies and they all, almost always, end with that perfect kiss.  Ahhh.

Lately, my husband has sighed in a different way.  His posture upon entering the family room and seeing the Hallmark Channel on just screams, “again!?” He humors me every Christmas season as we watch these movies, sometimes multiple times.  He lends a  half an ear while reading or working or what-not. I’m not sure if he really listened or not.

Well, this year, the tide shifted and Chip became a fan of the Hallmark Channel.  Ok, well maybe fan is not entirely accurate.

Gentlemen:  please do not judge him or mock him.  Ladies: be leery, it was only temporary.

Somewhat like a milder version of the recovering patient in the movie Misery, Chip was held hostage while recovering from his surgery. He could not leave the house for three weeks, could not lift anything, could not drive, could not exercise other than short walks with Izzy. I am embarrassed to admit that I used this time to my advantage and  cuddled up under a blanket with Chip and the Hallmark Channel.  I knew last night that even after I continuously fell asleep midway through the movies, he watched them through to completion. Last night, I turned on the movie, “Let it Snow” and he said, “Do you remember this one? It’s a good one.” And he proceeded to get me up to speed on what I missed thus far.  Sweet.

I don’t know how long this version of Chip will last, and what will happen to this softer side of Chip but I can tell you this.  He is sitting a little closer, holding my hand a little tighter and his kisses are like those at the ending of the movie when the guy realizes he cannot live without her.

Chip was cleared by his surgeon this morning.  The Hallmark movie tonight is Naughty or Nice.  I’ll let you know how I make out.


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