Sweet Peace

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I had a good day today.  The kind of busy business day when at the end of the day you feel like you accomplished something.  I love that feeling.  I have a lot to do to follow up from today’s meetings and I love that feeling too.

I was driving back from our White Plains office, thinking about the day, what I have to do, where the kids are for basketball and the news of my son’s new girlfriend.  You know I am an Italian mom so ANY girlfriend news is troublesome. (really though, she’s a nice kid).

I begin to smell a wonderful smell in my car.  What is that?  The last time I smelled a great smell in my car like this was, no lie,  in 1996. I distinctly remember that date and I will tell you why.  Sorry I digress.

I have shared a lot with you all so one more thing won’t kill us.  My kids are the product of infertility drugs, surgery and treatments….thank God for technology, and  the results are these two children.  So anyway, I am on the NYS Thruway driving to the fertility doctor in Stamford, CT.  I thought I would stop and visit my client, GE Capital and bring some doughnuts.  I had 3 dozen warm and fresh donuts in my little Saab hatchback…hmmmmmm. I can smell them now.

So I am driving and I forget that they are there and start thinking, “Why am I smelling donuts at 5:00am in the morning in the middle of the Catskill mountains?’  As I ponder that thought, I see Trooper lights and this Trooper is coming on me quick!  I pull over.  This Trooper, and  may I say, HANDSOME TROOPER, walks up to the car and asks me, “where are you going?”.

This is one of life’s crossroads:  do I tell him the truth or just keep it vague?  I go for Plan B. 

“I am going to an appointment in Stamford, CT.” He is not buying it.  He now has the flashlight looking in the car and spots the three dozen doughnuts. I bet you are thinking there is a punchline here? Doughnuts and Troopers? Nope.

I am dressed in a spectacular, if I might say, suit from Talbots, and a briefcase and files are on the front seat.  He asks me again, “where are you going?”, and adds, “in such a hurry?”

“OK”, I say, “are you sure you want to know?”.

“Please”, he replied.

“OK, I am off to be inseminated at the doctor in Connecticut”.

It is 5am and dark but I swear I could see the crimson in his cheeks.  He politely handed me back my licence and registration and told me to be careful.  With what, I often wonder?

Back to the topic of Sweet Peace. That smell in my car today was all that and a bag of chips.  As I drove up the driveway, I remembered that Darin bought me (and Jack) a loaf of Challah Bread. Oh, I ran into the house and sliced off a piece of that bread.  ahhh. 

Italians and Jews are a lot alike and share many of the same values and traditions, although granted, the religion is different, the importance to each is the same.  Perreca’s Italian bread needs NO butter, NO oil, NO nothing and either did this beautiful, light and sweet piece of bread.  Hats off to the baker in Rockland County and thank you Darin.

I am running to slice one more piece of that bread and sit with Amelia and Izzy and watch Syracuse beat Georgetown. Sweet Peace all the way around!

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