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Stress relief comes in different forms for each of us. I find a tall glass of cool Prosecco can cure most of what ails me.  A walk in the leaves, the smell of a fire in the fireplace, or Lakeside Farms fresh cider donuts… perfection. Memories can be sharp and difficult but can also give comfort. The Hallmark Channel gave me that comfort this morning.

Christmas on the Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel Snow Bride

Picture courtesy of the Hallmark Channel, film Snow Bride.

Hallmark has several channels now showing Christmas movies 24/7. Yes, I know it is October 27th, but I have a Hallmark Channel Watching blanket, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

So, last night I set my alarm for 3:45 am. My favorite Hallmark movie, Snow Bride, was on this morning at 4:00 am. I brewed a cup of Death Wish, and Miss Tillie and I settled in to watch the movie. I love how the story unfolds, attraction grows, and love follows. Oops, a tragedy occurs, and love pauses only to be resurrected at the end. How can you not find joy in that?

Over the years, I always got up early and tiptoed downstairs to watch the Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. The house was quiet. The Christmas tree was the only light, and Izzy (our pug) was game for some cuddle time on the sofa.

Chip was a good sport and often joined me with some protest. But he did like Snow Bride. Depending on the time of day, we’d get our beverage of choice and a few cozy blankets.  He would sit at the end of the couch, and I’d place my feet on his lap.  His warm hands would hold them, and sometimes, I got a fabulous foot rub.

I don’t think he knew that I saw him watching me.  He would grin when I teared up at the romantic parts and smile at the end when I’d wait for that perfect kiss. I was then treated to a perfect kiss of my own. But, before you sigh and expel an “aww,” you must know that Chip did offer commentary along the way. Some were snarky, some funny, but it added to the experience.

Watching Snow Bride without Chip this morning was hard. I wanted so much to feel him there at some existential level. Perhaps by setting the scene to watch the movie, I thought I could summon him to be there, but his urn was all I had.

Why do love stories exist?

Love story writer near me

True love stories never have endings.

I think we all want to believe in pure and true love. I was lucky to have had that for over 30 years. Look, truth be told, I am no walk in the park, and neither was Chip, but we knew that about each other. People ask me about marriage, and as a writer of wedding vows, love letters, and romantic thoughts and speeches, I tell them to remember why they said yes. Yes, to that first date, or yes, I will marry you. Return to those thoughts of ‘yes’ when you argue, and it will ground you. The memories carry you, heart and soul when times are difficult.  I am in a challenging period these days with Chip’s businesses. Selling them and closing them down finalizes his presence yet again. So, I will search the Hallmark Christmas Movie Calendar 2022 and look for a bit of peace and escape.

Now it is Miss Tillie and me.

It is now 6:23 am, and Miss Tillie is not quite sure what just transpired. As my trusty companion, she humors me when I hug her and comforts me when I cry.  She is more confused as I sit in my office in the dark and takes her place beside my desk in her bed.  She begins to snore, like all bulldogs, and I feel her embrace the quiet.

Do whatever you need to do to find peace. I welcome comments and thoughts, so please share them, and email me at Happy holidays to you, your family, and your heart and soul.

Hallmark movies

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