St. Patrick’s Day for an Italian Family?

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On this St. Patrick’s Day, I thought about the Irish influences in my life and thought I should share some of them with you.
1.    I am 100% Italian.  My husband is only half.  My mother-in-law is a mix of English, Irish and Scottish I think. I hate to make it sound like I don’t know and don’t care but that is the truth.  We are an Italian family: period. So one day, years ago, my son asked if he was 100% Italian and I told him no, Nonni is not Italian, which means Dad is not 100% and either are you.  He was so upset. “How did this happen”, he asked. Good question.
2.    My grandfather came over on a boat from Italy along with a great many of my ancestors.  He was so pleased when he met my husband-to-be and his Italian speaking father.  I never told him that he was not 100% for fear it may have killed him right then and there at 89 years old.  He lived to be 92 never knowing.
3.    I lived in Manhattan in the mid-90’s while working for LexisNexis. I was married and pregnant.  My husband lived upstate and since I worked in NYC, 3 hours from home, I shared an apartment with a wonderful black haired, green eyed Irish girl, Patricia Cunningham. (God rest her soul, I miss her). Her family was off the boat form Ireland.  Her mother with a stiff Irish accent would call each night and I would laugh.  What a polar opposite.  Patty was great and thought she would do me a favor and cook one night.  When she appeared in the kitchen doorway with a PACKET of instant SAUCE, frozen cheese and boxed pasta, that was the LAST time she set foot in that kitchen.  I loved her for trying.
4.    Every Friday night my husband makes pizza so on Thursdays I make the runt o all our Italian spots to get the best in fresh materials for dinner: Perreca’s, Civitello’s and Cappiello’s for cheese.  This morning, I walked into Perreca’s hearing that beautiful Italian music on the loud speakers and dead center in front are green cupcakes.  What is that about?

I will go about my business today and politely smile when people ask me where my green is today.  Ugh, how many more days until chocolate????

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