Spinning: what’s that all about?

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I took my first Spinning class at 5:30 this morning.  I have to say I was intimidated at first: dark  room, bikes in a circle, people with spinning shoes and bike pants…multiple bottles of water and towels.  The instructor’s bike has spot lights on it for God’s sake…..this is not your father’s bike ride. Mr. Schwinn would be apoplectic.

The instructor was great and my friend Rina called her over to help me set up the bike.  That took a few minutes and some simple instructions. Once she strapped my feet into the pedals, I knew I was committed.  Dio mio.

The class was 45 minutes and I think I held my own fairly well.  I stood when they stood, cranked up a gear when they cranked up a gear and drank when she told me to drink. In the dark, they could not see the fear in my eyes as she said, ‘the big hill is coming up next’. My arms and booty were screaming, “bring us back to Zumba, even Body Pump looks great right now.” Thank God is was dark so no one could see my poor old body moving like that.

Now it is late afternoon and my booty is sore.  That Spinning seat is not comfortable and I walked out of that class with a swagger, like John Wayne, not J-Lo. I felt like I was still on that spin bike until some time around 10:00am.  I had a Venti, non-fat Latte with an extra shot of espresso and still could not shake it.  That being said, I would take that class again.


It was a work out and it is mental as well as physical.  When that alarm went off at 4:55, I hesitated, but then thought my friends will be there and I promised I would….oh wait…they slept in, alarm did not go off…etc., etc….

Well, now I have some experience and I will be ready for them next class, sore booty and all.  Between Rock Bottom Becky and Spinning this week, the lower half of my body is hoping for a wide spread power outage.(or at least padded bike shorts)

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