Spinning is a privilege, NOT a right

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Anyone who reads my blog posts knows I can be a tiny bit fanatical about spinning.  I spin anywhere from 3-5 times per week and I do it for the health benefits, of course, but there is more.  I do it for the comradery.  I love to see my fellow riders at 5am and rehash the events in our lives, laugh about getting up at 3:30am to sign in and supporting each other when we don’t feel like coming to class.  It is a unique circle of people that I am very happy to be a part of.

That being said, the majority of the time, we are all on par in terms of etiquette, courtesy and respect.  There have been some instances recently which have sparked me to write this post and get on a very small soapbox.  Then I had an epiphany!  Maybe some people do not know what goes on in a spin class so I developed a little test or self-assessment to be taken to clarify some of these points. Let’s give it a try:

  1. What time does your spin class start and what time should you be there to sign in and set up?
  2. For our early morning 5:30am spinners, do you have a back up alarm so you are on time, wide eyed and bushy tailed ready to spin?
  3. Are you aware there is a dispenser with paper towel and disinfectant to wipe your bike before and after class?
  4. Did you know that iPhone displays are very bright and in the dark, you really cannot hide it if you’re checking texts or messages?
  5. Did you know that unless you are about to be separated from an appendage or your bike has malfunctioned, you do not get off the bike to stretch, lay down or any other non-cycling activity during these 50 minutes?
  6. Are you aware that if someone’s towel and water are on a bike, you are not to move it over because you wish to use that particular spin bike?

So how did you do?  I bet it didn’t take a neurosurgeon to answer these correctly now did it?

So carry on with your day today and be cognizant of your fellow riders.  Sometimes it may be the only time in your day when it’s just you and your body as one without interference or distraction.  Crank the music and feel where it will take you.  My hats off to the engineers at Bang and Olufsen for pimping my little Audi wagon with some serious speakers for singing out loud to Boston, Long Time. Oops, I guess I should make a #7:

7. Did you know singing aloud to Pitbull can be distracting to your neighbor? (sorry Terri and Mara).

Have a good day,



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