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Dear Bike 95,

What have I ever done to you?  I have babied you, wiped you down and spoken to you in a gentle and kind voice.  I have heeded the odd sounds, whistles and grinds that you make when we are going up hill. I have been good to you and over these months of absence, I heard you were well taken care of.

So why after two attempts to return to my ready status, arguably healed from surgery,  have you forsaken me?

Last week I tried the class with sneakers because I could not get the spin shoe on.  That was a fiasco and remaining in the saddle for 55 minutes was brutal.  Certain girly parts took the entire week to return to pre-ride status. I wonder if someone messed with the settings on my seat? This morning, spin shoes on and ready for ‘ladders’, I was once again relegated to the saddle.  My foot not happy in the standing position with the pressure so focused on that spot.  I guess I cannot blame you.  Your part of the deal was in place, this old body not quite ready to roll yet.

So Bike 95, what are we going to do about this?  Stop spinning? Oh that is not an option. I think I need to reevaluate our relationship. Granted, I did have a brief love affair with Bike 97- but I am over that and I have never thought of going back. You must believe this and help me return to my pre-surgical spin status.  My clementine’s are ready, my spin shoes are on and the heart rate monitor is looking for something better than 120 beats.

Grease up that fly wheel, tighten those knobs and be prepared.  I will be back at the end of the week ready to climb that hill.

Forever Faithful,

Rider of Bike 95

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