Sorry Chip, but you know I love an accent.

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It is no secret that I absolutely love a British or Australian accent.  I will choose a Brit or Australian for the voice in my car, the guide in my GPS, and any other technology that allows me to pick a voice. Chip knew this and was a super good sport about it.  My cousin Angela married a Brit who was kind enough to offer to teach Chip how to speak with a British accent. But, let’s face it- could Chip deliver a British accent with his handsome Italian face? Oh, Chip, I don’t think so, but thanks for playing.

Spin class and Peloton

(Stay with me, this will all make sense soon). Spinning, in my opinion, is a perfect workout. It’s cardio, hammies, glutes, and loud music in the dark, right Jo? Well, since Chip died, I have not been able to spin. I think I went twice and literally, could not enter the room. The one time I did take the class, I could just see him on “his bike,” and I couldn’t handle it.

Chip was intense in a spin class as he was when he ‘Lanced up’ and rode outdoors. I used to pick on him about his intensity, but that was 100% him.

Now I miss spinning, and the thought of spending thousands on a Peloton was too much for me. So, one Friday night, I called Peloton and spoke with a kind man named Martin. I explained the situation through my tears. He was kind and consoling. He explained the new program Peloton offers to rent a bike.  For a low monthly fee, you can rent a Peloton with no contract or term.  Martin explained that I could return the bike at any time if I could not do it, and they would just come and get it, no questions asked.

My bike was delivered two weeks ago.

Now here is the truth. I am enamored with my Peloton Instructor.

I have taken a few classes and even stumbled upon one class in German! Then, I found Ben. Okay, you can laugh, but there is nothing like being 8 inches away from a hunky Australian for 45 minutes listening to his voice.  The 500-calorie burn, the sweat dripping, and the heart rate acceleration are a distant benefit to my new friend. His voice is memorizing, and today, I did two classes back-to-back with Tillie looking at me, fearing I would pass out and she would have to call 911. For the first time, I enjoyed spinning and the return of the feeling and emotion associated with a phenomenal and sweaty workout. I could feel Chip watching and laughing out loud.

Thank you Peloton

Peloton, you saved me and brought me back to spinning. In the act of solidarity, Chip, I bought two pairs of padded cycling shorts. It is not pretty, but my girlie parts thank me after every ride.  The sound of my shoes clipped into the pedals brings my thoughts to you as you would clip in and head out for a 20-mile ride. Your legs were so strong, and the joy it gave you to ride. Maybe this is a prelim for me to gain some confidence and adventure in riding outside.

I miss Chip, and finding a way to exist without him is near impossible. I still cannot cook, but I can enjoy a spin class, thanks to Ben.

Yup, sorry Chip, it’s the accent.


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