A Slice of Heaven

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Literally. It was somewhat dark and the hallway was long and dimly lit.  You stopped and put on gloves and picked up a large brown paper bag.  The smell was intoxicating.

I was at The Rockland Bakery.

I work in Westchester County and have eaten delights from this bakery before. Thank you Donald for introducing me to a place that opened up my mind to how bread is made, the people that make it and the beautiful things you can do with it.

As I walked through the winding aisles of so many racks of bread, it made the recipe card file in my head just turn:

Poached Sea Bass with Olive Tapenade and Tuscan Olive Bread
Prosciutto and Fontina sandwiches on Ciabata
Pasta with Mascarpone and Eggplant with Semolina Italian Bread
Thanksgiving Dinner with any assortment of the petite dinner rolls
Dried Beef and Dill Dip in a Pumpernickel Bread Bowl

I could go on and on forever.  Those racks of bread made me crazy.  I feel feel my waist expanding just standing there.  I silently cursed The Atkins Program for making a place like the Rockland Bakery and evil dieter’s pitfall.

I filled my bad and proceeded to the bakery where I was able to contain myself.  The bread was too much for me and I was so enjoying my purchases.

Donald and I grabbed a baker’s dozen of hot bagels and stopped for my favorite, Scallion Cream Cheese.  We drove to the office and while eating that warm bagel int he car, I crossed that Tappan Zee Bridge without a thought of peril…..just that warm bagel in my hand.

When I got home I delivered my goods to the new owner’s:  a NYC style pretzel to my sister and Amelia; an entire loaf of Challah bread to Jack; Olive bread split between me, my sister and my mother; and an onion bialy for Chip.

I went to Zumba last night and burned 578 calories by the time my body cooled down.  Probably not enough to ‘pay for’ the bagel and cream cheese and olive bread slices.  Oh well.  I saw heaven yesterday and if I have to walk a few miles today to pay for that trip, so be it. (Thank you Donald)

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