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It has been 6 days since my knee surgery and I am going crazy. I cannot sit still this long and I certainly cannot lay around all day. I can feel the fat coagulating in my butt and thighs.  I miss Zumba, Chisel and Will, Power & Grace. My scale is lurking in the corner of my bathroom, calling me, in a mocking voice that only I can hear….and I know I will not like what it tells me.

On Sunday I sat on the deck and resorted to reading the stack of “beach read magazines” that I have accumulated over the past 6 months. (Amy, they are on your back porch as we speak!)  I did learn from this:
1. how Martha Stewart knows if an egg is still good.
2. how to make an “easy carrot cake”.
3. how to pick out the perfect bathing suit for your body type, REALLY?
4. why teenagers drive us crazy. Like I needed to read about that!
5. I won’t even go into the massive amount of stories and what-not regarding the economic recovery. Again: REALLY?

I am not supposed to be driving nor am I comfortable driving yet.  But as luck may have it, my triathlon-in-training husband broke down with a flat tire.  The phone rang and I knew it was him. He is good at this and I know he will do great in the race but a little foresight goes a long way.  Anyway, there is no one to go get him but me. I call my mom to ride shotgun, she cannot drive that SUV so I am not quite sure why she came along, but it helped.  I used cruise control as much as I could and that ice bag and I were best friends the rest of the night!

Now that doesn’t mean that I have not disobeyed doctor’s orders in the past. When I had the hysterectomy, my sales team was a group of young men, around 22-25 years old.  I could not drive then and could not go into the office so I held the sales meeting in my family room, hot flashes and all!  I bet those poor guys are damaged for life!  You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when he “caught me”.  You’d think I had Tom Selleck in the throws of passion! He threw those boys out in 10 seconds flat.  He even threatened to take my Blackberry.That is grounds for divorce in  NYS.

I can at least do some work today and sit at my desk with my leg on a chair and pillow. It is getting better, no more narcotics…just some Advil. I am feeling better every day.  I just gotta break out of here and at least get to a Starbucks! Ugh.

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