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I went to the jeweler at lunchtime today to have some links taken out of a new watch that I just bought on Amazon.  (Sadly it is not my pants that are being taken in). As I waited for the jeweler to work on my watch, I wandered around the store admiring the beautiful pieces and I realized how long it has been since I was in a jewelry store.

I am not a big jewelry person.  I like a few good pieces that are timeless and with good quality to hand down…not to my son who will in turn give them to ‘some puttana’ who will leave him, break his heart and keep my family heirloom.   I would haunt THAT girl for all eternity.

Anyway,  I recently broke a prong on my engagement ring. I have not been able to wear it for almost a year.  I want to get it reset and use the diamonds in the anniversary band as well so it makes one band, in addition to my wedding band, of course.  There is always something that comes up that is more important to do with that money: braces, trips to the ER after sports for one or more of us, a broken window, you name it. I miss wearing that ring because when I looked at it, especially in the sun, it sparkled so that it reminded me of when Chip gave it to me.

So I left the store with my watch and actually feeling a bit teary.  Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday Chip and I would visit jewelry stores when in the mall, looking for the perfect one.  Holding hands and talking about the future. I remember the day I saw it. It was spectacular. Not in size, in brilliance, and I knew that was the one. To this day I have no idea what he paid for it and I have told him over the years that I would never trade it for anything bigger…not ever.

This weekend, oddly and out of the clear blue, Amelia asked us if we knew we were going to marry each other. I told her I knew on that first date.  I just knew it. Doesn’t mean homicide hasn’t crossed our minds now and then; doesn’t mean I didn’t plan my elaborate scheme to run him down in the driveway on garbage night…it means I knew he was it, just like that ring so beautifully confirmed it each time I looked at it and remembered.

Shiny and New is good, but don’t discount Shiny and Comfortable either. (I cannot bring myself to say old) Given the choice, I’d stay right where I am.

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