Romance is in the genes

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People that have known me for a long time or have read my blog for a while know I am very much a romantic a heart.  I’d like to attribute it to some good genes. I believe I received these genes from my grandmother who told me tales of princesses and knights and love stories.  I could have listened to her for hours, and I did just that. She described her stories so vividly that I imagined that perfect kiss after the prince knelt down and proposed to the beautiful princess.

I have been married almost 25 years and every year when Valentine’s Day comes around I tell my husband that it is an amateur holiday for guys that don’t do romantic things all year.  Chip is a wing nut about losing car keys, his wallet and at one point locking my small children in the car but he is a bit romantic now and then.  I am always surprised when it happens.  For the first time ever,  this year, I was totally  taken back when I was handed a beautifully wrapped box.  Inside was an elegant and simple white gold braided bracelet.  Perfect, and romantic.

Conversely, I tend to express my affection with food.  Perhaps a decadent cheesecake or deep dish apply crumb pie is in Chip’s future. I’ll have to see what strikes me.

Amelia is a closet romantic.   She would rather watch ESPN 2, 3 and 4 before see sits before the Hallmark Channel. But every once in a while, I see signs of her namesake and I know it is in there.  Waiting to come out.

Jack restored my faith in young men and young love this Valentine’s Day.  He shared with me his plan to surprise his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day morning.  She, like Jack, is very athletic and therefore very cognizant of her health and fitness.  He wanted to get an Edible Arrangement of fresh fruit and surprise her with it when she woke up this morning.  Well mother nature did not play nice so he delivered it to her last night.  Success none-the-less.

Each Valentine’s Day is think back to previous years, first loves and special romantic dinners.  I remember some that I celebrated with girlfriends  when we were all date-less and those too I would not trade for love nor money. I remember one special year when I was about 6 or 8 and my dad gave my mother flowers and my sister and I a heart shaped box of chocolates.  It was very special.

I made a point of wishing everyone I came across today a Happy Valentine’s Day from Kurt and Phil in Starbucks to the special ladies at Sunnyview who are rehabbing my crazy arthritic thumb. I smile when someone says it to me so I passed it along.  Happy Valentine’s Day and remember that it’s not only about this one day to be thankful for the people you love.v day

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  1. dolly knight

    Karen that was great. Chip did well I see 🙂 you must have the grandmothers genes because when you write your stories it’s like I am there and can picture it all. you are lucky to have the family that you have, I wish you many more Happy Valentines Day’s with the family you love so much.


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